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Enjoy a variety of Virtual Courses through Holistic Nook!

All courses include consistent interaction with the instructor.

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Creating Time & the Divine Within – Wholly unique virtual course designed for those interested in enhancing spiritual awareness.  Includes a series of insightful lessons to read and thought-provoking personal exercises to complete.

Learning Forgiveness – Explore the deep concept of forgiveness and how to embrace it for self, others, and as a holistic perspective.  Course includes a series of insightful lessons and thought-provoking personal exercises to complete.




Writing with Guts! – In this course, you’ll explore the edgy, dark, taboo, sexy, deeply exciting elements of your life (or fantasy life) that you REALLY want to write about―but have held back. Includes lessons and other reading materials,  questionnaires to answer, and writing prompts to complete. Let go and write something LOUD that provokes and compels!




Creative Goddess Writing Workshop - Utilizing various psychological, sociological, and holistic concepts and techniques to enrich learning and activate creativity, this workshop explores writing voice and the elements that work for vivid, powerful, evocative writing in fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. Through a series of intense, catalystic, exploratory writing prompts, instructor interactions, critiques, lessons and other materials, the writer will move toward the center of higher self expression.

Introduction to Creative Writing – In this class, you’ll learn the basics of creative writing, including what makes fiction and poetry good. Discover how to get your juices flowing and express yourself through words! As you complete readings, writing prompts, and exercises, you will learn how to find your writing voice and begin your creative writing journey!




Advanced Creative Writing Workshop – Do you already have a solid understanding of creative writing but want to take it to the next level―where it sings with uniqueness, brilliance, and ultimately, captures the attention of editors, publishers, and agents? This is an intense course for writers who have works-in-progress, enjoy writing on a regular basis, and are willing to actively engage and transform their works.