Holistic Nook Consultations are designed to provide you with insight, awareness, and practical tools to help you better create and experience life.

First online consultation is free. Once you have selected which consultation you would like, send an eMail with your name and consultation choice to: holisticnook (AT) gmail (DOT) com








HOLISTIC CONSULTATIONS: Offering innovative, alternative approaches to the helping professions, Holistic Consultations are founded upon ideas and behaviors that facilitate whole-health living from the inside-out. 



Inner Healing & Balance – Looking for an alternative to the traditional counseling experience where labels and pills are the focus?  Whether you are experiencing bereavement, traumatic flashbacks, stress, relationship problems, or any circumstance that calls for conscious change, this consultation offers compassion, empathy, cognitive tools, and guidance where you need it most!

Detoxifying the Body – Interested in natural healing modalities but are unsure of how to begin or integrate them into your everyday life?  From super foods to specific herbal remedies, this consultation includes an in-depth questionnaire and a personalized body detoxification guide created just for you!

Detoxifying the Home – Want a healthier home environment but are unsure of where to start?  From natural cleaning and personal care alternatives to furniture selection, this consultation includes an in-depth questionnaire and a personalized home detoxification guide created just for you!




ASTROLOGY CONSULTATIONS: Founded upon Western Astrological concepts, while also referencing Vedic (Indian) Astrology, all Holistic Nook Astrology Consultations are unique and custom-tailored to you.  They require that you provide the exact time, date, and place of your birth. 


Birth Chart Astrology Reading – Want to explore the cosmic energies influencing your personality, finances, family life, relationships, employment, travel, success, creativity, social life, and subconscious patterns? This consultation examines both the enhancing and challenging aspects of planet, sign, and house placements.

Transit Astrology Reading – This consultation will first provide you with a concise analysis of your birth chart, and then it will explore the planetary transits currently enhancing and challenging your experiences. Discover the time-frame for how long these transit energies will be effecting particular areas of your life!

Focused Astrology Reading – Looking for guidance and insight into a particular area of your life that you are concerned and/or excited about, such as career, travel, marriage, etc.?  This consultation will hone-in on an area of your choosing!




TAROT CONSULTATIONS: Holistic Nook Tarot Consultations are empathic, intuitive processes – not “psychic” claims or otherwise kooky concepts.  They are highly customized, interactive, and founded upon the researched principals of Jungian Psychology, where insights and archetype energies meet the interconnectedness of people and reality.


Inner-Fears Tarot Reading – This intense consultation focuses on those fears you are usually not aware of that are buried in your subconscious, but which nevertheless effect your everyday thoughts and behaviors. Be ready to receive the deeper truths about personal limitations and how to spiritually integrate them!

Relationship Tarot Reading – Looking for deeper insight into your relationship with another person?  This consultation explores the positive, negative, and dynamic energies and potentials operating between the two of you.  It is ideal for romantic partnerships, but can also be used for familial, friend, and other types of relationships.

Personalized Tarot Reading – Bring to this consultation several questions that you want guidance for on a deeper level. Be ready to explore the metaphysical and psychological energies surrounding, directing, and influencing your self-growth and awareness in specific regard to your questions.





ARCHETYPE CONSULTATIONS: Founded upon Jungian Psychology, Vedanta, and Shamanism, these readings are experimental platforms unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!


Animal Totem Reading: Explore the primary animal guide and fear totems that have been with you since childhood.  Long-regarded as one of the most powerful symbolic and spiritual tools across many cultures, this consultation is sure to awaken and enliven!

Interactive Dream Reading: This reading involves very active participation.  You will be asked to write down everything you remember from several dreams and explore your associations with the dream symbols.  Tap into your subconscious and gain awareness about its manifestation in the waking world!

Symbol Reading: While there are symbols everywhere, there are some that just stand at one point or another, and others that don’t stand out, yet are still very active in subconscious memory.  Be ready for deep exploration into your associations with reality…this reading is geared toward expanding positive thoughts and consciousness!